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FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is produced by reinforcing the resin with various fiber reinforcements to give higher mechanical values to the end product.

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In FRP production, polyester gains many different characteristcs, by the addition of different acids, glycol and additives.

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In FRP production, accelerators, hardeners help promote vinilester and polyester to cure.




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Many different applicaiton methods require different tools for compaction, de airing of the laminates. Many different sizes of roller and brushes are available for your needs. 

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Our company is active in FRP and GRC application machinery and tools. Instalation, technical support and wide range of spare part inventory is available. All machinery and tools are presented to the market under guarantee of the producer and as the sole representative we offer after sales services.

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11.10.2017, 11.15


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Thank you for all of our friends who have visited our stand during the Turk Kompozit 2017 fair held between 5-7 October 2017. Hope to see all of you in 2019.
01.04.2017, 11.40

Plasto Ltd. Will be in the 2017.Istanbul Construction Fair

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Invent Company

Expanded Glass Beads are the perfect solution for thermal andsoundinsulation and humidity control, light concrete and pannels production. By giving 60% better insulation values tobuildings. As one of the leaders in White Expanded Glass Beads, Stikloporas company hasadded its own technology for abetter performance products. As of 2014 Stikloporas has appointed Omnis Kompozit Ltd. as their...